Video about the case

Listen to what Shelby County Judge John Fowlkes had to say about his take on cameras in the courtroom. Even though he was not the presiding judge over the Noura Jackson case, he has dealt with several high profile cases such as the Harry Colemen case.  

Shelby County Criminal Court Judge, Chris Craft, presided over the Noura Jackson case. Listen to him talk about blogging during the trial.

Hear former homicide detective, Tim Helldorfer, discuss the media coverage of the Noura Jackson case.

Amy Weirich, recently appointed Shelby County District Attorney General, was the lead prosecutor in the Noura Jackson case. Hear what she has to say about media coverage of trials.

Listen as Noura Jackson is sentenced to 20 years and nine months for the murder of her mother. 

Watch as IN Session reporters dissect and weigh in on the Jackson case.