Analyzing the media impact in the Noura Jackson case

A fascinating study on how the media can impact a court case because of the way old and new media collide.

Take a look as experts weigh in. 

Technology changes courtroom dynamic

Over the past few years, advances in technology have extended beyond cameras in the courtroom. Blogging has made its way into several courtrooms in the U.S. and Memphis is one city that seems to be following this new trend.

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Memphis case draws national attention: Key players speak out about local high profile case

Several of the parties involved in the Noura Jackson trial speak out about the case and weighs in on the CBS 48 Hours Mystery show.

Find out what the key players in the case had to say.


Read as a local reporter from The Commercial Appeal, Lawrence Buser answers questions about the Jackson case, as well as other issues involving media and the legal system.

Sophie Cooley, a former friend of Noura Jackson's, discusses what it was like testifying in court. Also, some of the details of murder.

Memphis writer to dives into Noura Jackson case


As soon as Memphis writer Lisa C. Hickman heard about the Noura Jackson case, she knew that the story would captivate a large audience. She is in the process of writing a book about the crime.

See what she has to say about the case and her upcoming book.